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Academic Papers/Essays and Publications


'Sound, Technology, and the Aesthetic Practice of the 21st Century'

at Syntopia: the 1st National Symposium on Media Arts and Design

Chiang Mai University (Chiang Mai, Thailand)


'Listening as a Political Act: Sonic Resistance to Authority' 

at the Listening Biennial: Bangkok Symposium

Silpakorn University (Bangkok, Thailand)

Rattanapol, Attiporn, and Poumpak Charuprakorn. (2023). 'The Use of Musical Cryptography to Design

Pitch and Rhythm Dimensions in Classical and Classical Contemporary Compositions', Journal of Roi Kaensarn Academi, 8, 5 (May): 658-673. [read]


'Sound Studies from the Interdisciplinary Perspective' at Emerging Methodologies by Princess Maha

Chakri Sirindhorn Anthropology Centre (Bangkok, Thailand)


'Exquisite Distance: continuing explorations of global collaboration' at the 12th Biennial International

Conference on Music Since 1900 (Birmingham, England)


Charuprakorn, Poumpak, 'Gametrak Controller: A Virtual Musical Instrument and the Realisation

of "Sound Capsule" ', Proceedings of the 8th Silpakorn International Conference on Total Art And Science 2021, November 2021, 355-361. [read]

'Performer-composer collaboration: Sustainable development of the contemporary music scene of

Thailand?' at Royal Musical Association 57th Annual Conference (Newcastle, UK)


Charuprakorn, Poumpak, 'Musical Realism: From Verismo to Phonorealism', The New Viridian Journal of

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, 1 (May-June 2021), 28-38. [read]

Charuprakorn, Poumpak, 'The use of a "Lectorial" approach in Aesthetics of Listening Classes, Music

and Entertainment Business Programme', Proceedings of the 2nd Silpakorn Conference in Sound and Music, June 2021, 223-233. [read]


'Gametrak Controller: A Virtual Musical Instrument and the Realisation of "Sound Capsule" ' 

at Princess Galyani Vadhana Institute of Music International Symposium 2020 (Bangkok, Thailand)

The VDO of the panel: Virtual in the Making

'The Use of Registral Spacing and Rhythmic Density as Musical Trajectories in a Portfolio of Original Compositions'

Volume 1 of 2: Portfolio of Original Compositions

Volume 2 of 2: Academic Commentary

PhD Thesis, Cardiff University

'Harmonic spacing, rhythmic density, and the alternative musical trajectory of compositions for small ensembles'

British Forum for Ethnomusicology and the Royal Musical Association Research Students’ Conference 2020 (Open University, Milton Keynes, UK)


'Harmonic, Rhythmic, and Spectral Spaces as Musical Narrative'

Cardiff University School of Music Study Day 2019 (Cardiff, UK)                                                 



'Expressing through Abstraction: a search for non-thematic compositional methods'                       

Breaking Boundaries: Interdisciplinary Conference for Humanities and Social Sciences

(Cardiff, UK)        



'Expressing through Abstraction: initial stage'                                                          

Cardiff University School of Music Study Day 2017 (Cardiff, UK)


'In Quest of Emptiness: Buddhist influence on Jonathan Harvey'

MMus research project, Royal College of Music

'Realism in Music'

MMus academic essay, Royal College of Music

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