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Electroacoustic Compositions (including instruments with live electronics)


Phonemes (an interactive sound installation for Gametrak controller with Max/MSP)


Saudade (for glass bottle, rocks, and live electronics)


Contacting Surfaces (for household items and live electronics)

Alternate Sonority (for ensemble and live electronics)                                                     


Prolonged Resonances (for flute, oboe, clarinet, viola, and live electronics)                       


Colloquy between Decays (for piano, percussions, and live electronics)                             


Expected Defects (for 2 violins and live electronics)                                                         

Prominent Eavesdropper (for double bass and live electronics)                                          


Soliloquy (for harp and live electronics)


Stretches III (for one Gametrak controller and Max/MSP)


Onwards/Upwards (for tuba and live electronics)



Sound Capsule (for one Gametrak controller and Max/MSP)

…with steps we take… (for violin, clarinet in Bb, piano, percussion, soprano, and live electronics)

Stretches II (for one Gametrak controller and Max/MSP)

Stretches (for two Gametrak controllers and Max/MSP)



Monologic Dialogue (for violin and live electronics)

Tea-Time (for soprano and electronics)

Altered Exponents (for melodica and electronics)

Original Exponents (for melodica and electronics)

Please contact the composer for a full score and parts

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